Bold design meets responsive mega e-commerce solution.

Emerson Knives was founded in 1996 in Torrance, California by Ernest and Mary Emerson with the goal of manufacturing custom knives on a larger scale than any other custom knifemaker was capable of. 20 years later Emerson Knives is among the top custom knife manufacturers world wide.

In May of 2013 the Emerson CQC-7 knife carried by the Navy Seal who served as point man on the mission to capture Osama Bin Laden auctioned off for charity for $25,000.00.

Emerson Knives caters to a very unique demographic and offers a wide range of products. They needed a website that could display their beautifully hand crafted knives that would also serve as an online store to sell a variety of different products as well. From knives to apparel to digital downloads. Emerson also needed an area for their dealers and affiliates to download and purchase materials as well as apply for dealership licensing.

Web Services Provided

  • Website Design
  • Custom web programing development
  • Responsive e-commerce store and checkout
  • Custom extended e-commerce functionality
  • Integrated 3rd party accounting software
  • Newsletter email collection
  • Sales landing pages
  • Custom e-commerce landing pages
  • Digital download purchases

FM created a web presence that features bold colors and clean product displays. We designed and built a custom responsive e-commerce website that features individual store landing pages for their major categories of products; knives (of course), apparel and accessories. We constructed an area for potential dealers to fill out a form and upload a pdf in order to apply to become an Emerson Knives authorized dealer. Lastly we incorporated a find a dealer form as well as a blog. All manageable by the Emerson Knives staff. We provided CMS training videos for the Emerson staff to ensure they were able to control their dynamic website with confidence.

What resulted was a solidified online presence that has lead to offline opportunities as well as a huge increase in sales. With in the first year, Emersons monthly conversions surpassed their previous yearly numbers.

Digital Services Provided

  • E-book creation
  • Promotional materials
  • Social Marketing

Print Services Provided

  • Promotional materials

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